A* Action at Ark Acton Academy

The Mechanical Movements team have been working hard in London, successfully managing the installation of 4 plate heat exchangers and 3 new boilers at the new Ark Acton Academy site on Mill Hill Road.

The location of existing pipework meant that our access was restricted, so a static A-frame, 3m in length, was carefully placed to allow our experienced operatives to work safely within the plant room.

With each heat exchanger weighing between 500-800kg and each boiler weighing 1200kg, our knowledgeable team decided to use specialist movement equipment, including pallet trucks and skates and jacks, to manoeuvre the components into their final positions. Once upright and correctly positioned, pipe fitters were able to install the required pipework.

We will be returning to site in the coming weeks to install 1300kg buffer vessels, using a tower crane to lift these into the basement via a lightwell.