Mechanical Movements Pick Up in London’s Vale Royal

Mechanical Movements were recently in Islington, London lifting a new generator onto the roof of a 34m high commercial building.

Using a Spierings AT6 mobile tower crane with an impressive 52metre lifting radius, we first positioned 7no. air conditioning condenser units, each weighing 360kg. We then manoeuvred the 3982kg generator from our flatbed lorry up to the building roof and lowered it carefully into its final position onto a prefabricated steelwork frame.

We also removed a variety of window cleaning cradle components, from various locations on the roof, down to the ground.

During the works traffic along Vale Royal was diverted with a road closure, with Marshalls at ground level to separate the lifting area from traffic and pedestrians, ensuring a safe and successful lift. Our experienced, professional team ensured that the generator was fully prepared for the installation team to progress on time.