All Rise! Mechanical Movements Lift at Norwich Crown Court

This week the Mechanical Movements team have been in Norwich, replacing the cooling towers on the roof of Norwich Crown Court, as part of HVAC system upgrade works.

We removed 2no redundant cooling towers and the associated pipework using a 100tonne mobile crane, working at a 32m radius, utilising 3metre steel pans to disperse the weight of the riggers on the ground.

We dismantled the cooling towers into 3 pieces and lifted them from the 10m high building on to a flatbed lorry. The pipework, adjacent steelwork and an AHU unit were also cut into manageable sections and lifted into our Artic bulker lorry, for removal from site.

The 2no new dry air coolers and steelwork were ready to be lifted into position, for which we had prefabricated the frames and applied a galvanised protective layer for extra durability.

The court buildings had to remain in use and accessible throughout the works, with minimal disruption from our lorry’s, which using our experience of managing complex lifting projects on busy streets was no challenge for Mechanical Movements.