Plant Room Manoeuvres

Our team were back in Central London recently, managing the installation of Air Handling Units into the basement of a building in Newgate Street. Over four days our specialist team coordinated the movement and positioning of various sections of the AHUs within the plant room.

The equipment was transported to the site in sections by low loader from our Kent based storage facility, requiring a special access permit due to the height and width.

Once on-site, the units were unloaded using an 8 tonne heavy forklift truck. They were then carefully moved via the service ramp within the St. Paul’s complex, into the loading bay of 15 Newgate Street to be positioned safely into the plant room.

Using various movement devices, such as pallet trucks, skoots and skates, our experienced Mechanical Movements team placed all the items of equipment into their final resting positions, levelled and ready to be bolted together by the manufacturer.