• Woodmansterne School

    Value: £24k

    Client: Maybourne & Russell

    Date: Sep-Oct 2018

    Location: Banstead


    Contract lift with a 500t mobile crane to lift new plant rooms and associated equipment into place.

  • Wembley Stadium

    Value: £6k

    Client: Designer Group

    Date: Oct to Nov 2018

    Location: Wembley, London


    Delivering new chillers and lifting into position using the site tower crane.

  • Waitrose Canary Wharf

    Value: £32k

    Client: Cooltherm

    Date: Mar 2018

    Location: Canary Wharf


    Contract lift to replace 2 roof mounted chillers over two phases including liaising with Canary Wharf management for road closures.

  • Postal Distribution Centre

    Value: £290k

    Client: SPIE

    Date: Dec 2018 to Feb 2019

    Location: Slough


    Replacement of redundant chillers, boilers and other associated plant and equipment.
    Supply and install of new flooring to accept new chillers.
    Various contract lifts to facilitate the replacement works.

  • One Heddon Street

    Value: £16k

    Client: Indoor Climate

    Date: June 2018

    Location: Regent Street, London


    Full contract lift overnight in Regent Street to lift new AHU’s up to the roof, inclusive of road closures, traffic management and delivery of new units to site.

  • Kent and Canterbury Hospital

    Value: £9k

    Client: Ergro Group

    Date: Sept 2018

    Location: Canterbury, Kent


    Full contract lifts to undertake the replacement of roof mounted chillers and the removal of redundant AHU’s from two locations on the hospital roof.

  • Home Office London

    Value: £19k

    Client: Arthur McKay

    Date: Mar and June 2018

    Location: Westminster


    Two separate crane visits to undertake full contract lifts with road closures and traffic management to lift new AHU’s and Vessels into place.

  • GV Place Oil Tank

    Value: £6.5k

    Client: Sir Robert McAlpine

    Date: Oct 2018

    Location: London


    Collecting a new oil tank from Scotland and delivering to site in London, offloading and lifting into place using the site tower crane.

  •  Greenwich Energy Centre

    Value: £44K

    Client: Kier Major Projects

    Date: Mar to Jul 2016

    Location: Greenwich


    Various contract lifts to install the new Energy Centre plant and associated equipment.

  • Global Switch Millbank Tower

    Project: £70k

    Client: Airedale

    Date: Apr 2018 to Jun 2019

    Location: Millbank London


    Various movement works to install 2 roof mounted chillers into the roof plant rooms, separated into components and then rebuilt.

  • Croydon Polling Station Refurbishment

    Value: £203k

    Client: Arthur McKay

    Date: Nov 2017 to Aug 2018

    Location: Croydon


    Complete refurbishment of the building, including all removal of existing plant, walls and roof and reinstatement of new walls, steelwork and roof.

  • Commercial Offices Leatherhead

    Value: £10k

    Client: R Fry Engineering

    Date: Apr 2018

    Location: Surrey


    Preparation works to redundant plant and equipment ready for the contract crane lift to lift the redundant items down to waiting transport for removal from site.

  • Colindale Council Offices

    Value: £38k

    Client: Boon Building Services

    Date: Mar to Oct 2019

    Location: Barnet


    A full contract lift and road closure management, using a 350t cranage facility with luffer, to place a new roof mounted plant room, along with various condensers and fans, onto the roof of this London tower building.

  • City University London – Rhind Building

    Value: £13k

    Client: Ergro Group

    Date: Mar 2019

    Location: London


    A full contract lift inclusive of traffic management on a busy four way junction to allow traffic to still flow during the works. Lifting a 6 ton chiller onto the roof of the City University Rhind building using a 100 ton, long boom crane, to remove existing equipment and manoeuvre the new unit securely into place.

  • Citi Bank

    Value: £52k

    Client: Arthur McKay

    Date: Jan 2017

    Location: Lewisham


    Removal of redundant chillers and lifting of new systems into place, as well as pump replacements.

  • Canary Wharf Commercial Contract Lifts

    Value: £139k

    Client: Airedale

    Date: Jan 2017 to May 2017

    Location: Canary Wharf, London


    Undertaking three contract lifts using a 700t mobile crane with Luffer to replace roof mounted chillers. Work included the removal and reinstallation of the steel work, with a new floor, and placement of new chillers into their final locations once lifted onto the roof areas.

  • Bank of England Sports Centre

    Value: £16k

    Client: Airedale

    Date: Aug 2018

    Location: Slough


    A contract lift to remove a redundant roof mounted chiller and position a new system, inclusive of new steel work.

  • 83 Park Lane

    Value: £14k

    Client: Virtus

    Date: May 2018

    Location: Park Lane, London


    Contract lift to the four corner plant areas to replace various fans and ductwork under a partial closure of park lane.

  • 60 Cannon street

    Value: £9k

    Client: Ergro Group

    Date: Aug 2018

    Location: Cannon Street, London


    Contract lift in Central London Cannon Street, replacing two roof mounted chillers with new chillers, as well as providing pedestrian management on the busy street below.