Work Continues in Westminster

The Mechanical Movements team have been back to Westminster Broadway this week, coordinating the lifting of equipment for the heating and ventilation systems of this new build in Central London.

For this phase of the project, we used the on-site tower cranes and our own specialist boom fork. At the time there were only two of these unique pieces of equipment in the UK, so we organised for it to be imported from Germany specifically for these works.

In total we lifted 6no. Air Handling Units (AHUS), with each unit arriving on site in three sections, the heaviest weighing around 2300kg.

To achieve this safely, we installed Mansafe systems to connect our harnesses whilst removing the edge protection at the building entry point.

Once the AHU sections were inside the building, we manoeuvred each of them into the plant rooms, onto raised steel base frames using scoots, skates, jacks and pallet trucks.

Our works were completed efficiently, allowing the next phase of operations on this large, mixed-use building to go ahead.