Mechanical Movements Up on the Roof

Mechanical Movements have been busy assembling flat-pack air handling units (AHUs) on government buildings in Westminster this week.

Central London locations often have little or no access areas nearby for a crane lift, so our solution overcame the restricted access constraints, providing an alternative installation option.

Our team began by moving the flat pack components, delivered on 8 large pallets, to the 6th-floor roof level storage area, using a goods hoist. Two 250kg recuperator sections were too large for the hoist, so both had to be manoeuvred carefully and safely via the stairs.

Working alongside the manufacturers, our skilled team then began to re-build the AHUs from scratch. We also helped build the support units, which needed to span the old plinths from the previous AHUs. The completed units were then positioned onto the Bigfoot steel frame support system.

Once completed, they were commissioned and air tested by the manufacturer ready for final connections.